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We take the risk and fear out of listing your home with us, as a Home Seller, you have four options:

  • Do nothing right now
  • Sell your home on your own
  • Use a conventional salesperson
  • Partner with Kevin and Carie Webber

Use a Conventional Salesperson

  • They spend a lot of time talking about themselves, their company, and their marketing plan.
  • Information and advice is limited. They’re more interested in just listing your home. Many agents are more focused on quantity OF deals and less on quality of service.
  • They waste precious time and threaten the potential equity in your home by marketing your home to the “wrong buyers”. Some agents will hold your listing out of the Multiple Listing Service in an attempt to sell your home themselves.
  • These agents negotiate an offer on your home so that they can “get a deal”.
  • After the sale, what? Get the commission check and they’re off to search for the next deal. They spend their time looking for new business by placing ads, making telephone cold calls, and doing public open houses.

Partner with Kevin and Carie Webber

  • We spend meaningful time educating you and identifying your needs and wants.
  • Written information is supplied in detail so that more time is spent focusing on your needs.
  • The importance of pricing is highlighted. You are supplied with detailed market data so that you can confidently pick the right price.
  • We focus our time and energy marketing your home properly to the right buyers so that you can get top dollar for your home.
  • We negotiate solely on your behalf to protect your interests and investment.
  • We feel that the relationship does not end at closing and offer you ongoing support and information.
  • We are dedicated to servicing you at such a high level that you’ll feel confident referring our services to your family, friends, and associates.